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Welcome to Mission Hope

This website is a resource site for people with autoimmune/chronic illnesses.

More often than not, having a chronic illness and chronic pain leads to depression, and a significant loss in quality of life. We are here to remind you that there is still hope!

The path in front of you may seem dark, but we are here to bring some light. We know what it feels like hitting rock bottom, to be in such a state that you don't know how to keep on living in pain.

We are teaming up with various experts and Spoonies to bring you practical and easily accessible solutions to make your life easier and to help reduce your pain.

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Services & Products

We offer a host of health related products and services in our Spoonie Market. All our products on offer are supplied by our Spoonies or people in the healthcare service. 

Emergency Contact Numbers
A list of emergency and other relevant services in South Africa

Get the information you need about your chronic illness.

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Online Support Group

Join our support group for people living in the Lowveld of Mpumpalanga. A national support group is coming soon.

What is a Spoonie?

The term was coined by Christine Miserandino. She uses spoons as a measurement for a unit of energy. A person with a chronic illness wakes up with a limited amounts of spoons. That person must then decide how and where to use each 'spoon' without running out of spoons by the end of the day. More often than not, they have to choose between two important tasks since they simply do not have enough energy to do both.

Visit Christine's website for more information on the Spoonie concept

What We Do

Depression caused by Chronic Pain and Illness

Being chronically ill ourselves, we understand all the emotions and struggles that go along with being chronically ill. It is something no healthy person would ever be able to fully understand unless they experience it themselves.

A geyscale photo of a depressed woman crying
  • We know chronic pain - we are experiencing it right along with you.
  • We know about the dark cold reach of depression, and the feeling of hitting rock bottom, we've been there, and we made it out.
  • We are intimately familiar with the all consuming vacuum chronic illness and or disability can become. We're dealing with the family members who just don't understand, and the doctors who dismiss us. There is always another meical bill to be paid and another round of medication to be brought. We also know the good stuff, the small moments that can have the biggest impacts.
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What We Offer

Our Experts

When the founder, Ada, started 'Mission: Hope' in 2023, she started building a team of like-minded people who could help her further her goal of bringing hope to other Spoonies. Since then she has been teaming up with other spoonies, as well as different medical and personal growth experts. 

Introducing our brand new

Spoonie Market

It is no secret that Spoonies struggle to do full time jobs, and they often have to do sideline hustles to help themeselves and their families earn an income. We have seen how large the need for an online platform is for Spoonies and their caretakers where they can safely sell their products nationwide, and thus our Spoonie Market was born.

Come and have a look at our market, interact with our sellers, buy unique products, and suppor a previously overlooked demographic in South Africa.

If you are chronically ill or disabled, or a caretaker, and you want to sell your products on our website, feel free to send us an email, and we'll get back to you shortly.

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